Our Process

It Begins with Transportation

RFT uses specially designed trucks and DOT approved containers to pick up waste antifreeze and deliver remanufactured antifreeze to the customer's site. The containers are leak-proof and crash resistant to ensure that spills are avoided and/or contained.


Treatment of Used Antifreeze

Separate processing is done in batches for ethylene glycol and propylene glycol.


RFT generates a solid waste that passes TCLP test methods. The solid waste is transported to a MDEQ approved landfill.

Vacuum Distillation

The most complete and energy-efficient distillation process is done under a vacuum to draw off distillates at lower temperatures. The glycol and water are separated for use in RFT’s remanufactured products. Also, waste heat is recaptured to increase energy efficiency.

Waste products from this step are TCLP tested and approved for use as a fuel in cement kilns, completing the safe recycling of all external waste products.


The use of pure distilled water to pre-dilute the antifreeze is an extremely important step in the “upcycling” process. We save costs by recapturing and reusing this distilled water rather than trying to treat city water to produce a premixed product. The use of distilled water to dilute the product eliminates potential scaling problems commonly caused by using city water. By recapturing distilled water we end up with a superior product and run more energy efficient at the same time.

The distilled premixed glycol is a clear, clean liquid at this stage and is not suitable for use as antifreeze. It will degrade and damage engines, radiators, pumps and hoses unless mixed with an appropriate package of corrosion inhibitor chemicals.

Different inhibitor packages are used for different types of engines and operating environments. Color dyes are added to help distinguish which inhibitor package has been added to make a finished antifreeze product.



Ready-To-Use antifreeze products are colored to indicate their planned use and packaged in containers appropriate for the customer. From jugs, pails, drums, IBC totes or bulk, RFT can fill any customer need. See our Services page for details.


Delivery and Shipping

We can communicate with you by whatever method is easier for you – phone, fax, email or text message.

Direct Delivery

Our Services include pickup of waste antifreeze and delivery of remanufactured products to Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky as well as new services in Toronto.

Extended Delivery

We are able to ship products to states outside our direct delivery area at attractive rates because of our favorable negotiated agreements with common carriers.


Cradle-to-Cradle Upcycle Processing

Recycling Fluid Technologies